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Life experiences connecting me to you.

-T. Lassiter

What does it mean to have Poetree Growth In Motion? To have Poetree Growth In Motion literally means to be on a journey.  It means that you are rooted firmly in your faith and each branch (role)  captures a different chapter in your life: parenthood, service member, teenager, young adult, friend, confidant, Christian etc.  Each branch exudes a clear representation of detail crafted to project every gentle crease and deeply seated indentation allowing you to present yourself to the world.


The best part about being on a journey is that you are never alone and constantly connecting with others along the way.  At Poetree Growth In Motion (P.G.I.M.) you are afforded the opportunity to share your journey with others and experience the journey of others by way of art in the form of drawings, writings, or vision boards.


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